Red Reserve Entertainment AB (publ), ”REDENT”, is a holding company with two subsidiaries: Million Mind Sweden Technology AB and Red Reserve AB. All business activity is carried out by the subsidiaries. The Red Reserve Entertainment Group has 11 employees in total, excepting gamers employed by Red Reserve AB.

Our subsidiary companies

Red Reserve

Red Reserve AB owns and manages a number of esport teams within several esport disciplines such as Call of Duty, ”COD”, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, ”CS:GO”, and Hearthstone – all among the top ten most popular games in the world.

During 2018 Red Reserve will expand its stable of gamers with teams in one or two further disciplines. Red Reserves COD-team is ranked among the top three in the world, and the young and promising CS:GO team is currently among the top 35 teams in the world. One of the best Hearthstone-players in the world – Louis ”Mitsuhide” Bremers – was recently recruited to Red Reserves newly formed Hearthstone team.

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MillionMind creates engaging content for the web within the areas of communication, marketing and education. The company specialises in gamification, which means drawing inspiration and using techniques from game design to improve the customers’ digital presence. The result is a more interactive, and thus attractive, website with increased traffic and loyal visitors – which ultimately strenghtens the customers brand.

MillionMind has developed a quiz platform designed from a gamification point of view, with the use of tried and tested gamification techniques such as countdown timing, points, leaderboards, challenges and levels. The platform’s strength lies in the combination of modern design, many different types of questions which create variation and the gamification elements. Additionally, all activity is measured and the quiz platform can easily be used for basic analysis of user behavior with the help of the extensive statistics gathered.

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